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Splitter and Wave Division Multiplexer Modules

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Splitter and WDM Modules

Splitter and Wave Division Multiplexer Modules

Custom modules to meet your specialty network applications

Product Description

Splitter and Wave Division Multiplexer (WDM) modules are critical network components that compliment the LGX® frame management system. Modules provide operators a multitude of test access methods for bit error analysis or OTDR test entry. WDM modules create a migration path for traditional single band networks by allowing fiber to move to a dual band system without infrastructure build. Combine a 1310 nm with a 1550 nm system onto single fibers through the use of OFS WDM modules.
Features and Benefits
  • Cost effective solutions
  • Diverse range of split ratios
  • Fits standard 7-inch LGX® shelves
  • Maximizes shelf space
  • Can be used on FTTH applications
  • Ease of customization •Attenuator capable
  • Flexible interface design (change connector interface as needed)
  • Qualified to GR1209 and GR1221


The primary applications for splitter and Wave Division Multiplexer modules include:

  • Test Access (BER and OTDR)
  • Demarcation test point between customer systems and network systems
  • Network migration: combine 1310 nm and 1550 nm systems onto a single fiber
  • Power tap access
  • Signal separation (PON networks or FTTH)
  • Load 1 shelf per distribution frame for critical path testaccess

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