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SlimBox® Underground Terminal

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SlimBox® Underground Terminal

SlimBox® Underground Terminal

Features and Benefits
Available with SC-APC adaptersPlug-and-play subscriber connections without fusion splice equipment
Standard SC-APC Connectors and adaptersNon-proprietary connector system
Easy cleaning with standard kits
One terminal part number supports up to 16 drop connectionsReduced inventory
OFS AllWave® FLEX+ Fiber standard in all drop, pigtail, and tether assembliesLow bending loss for improved system performance and/or increased safety margins
EZ-Bend® 3.0 mm indoor/outdoor drop cable assembliesMay eliminate outdoor transition box by placing cable into residence and connecting directly to indoor ONT
1 x 16 or two 1 x 8 splitters available either factory installed or installable in terminalPON splitter and drop cable connection functionality from a single terminal
Reduced fusion splicing if factory installed
Mid-span splicing into distribution cableAvoids need for additional splice closure required by proprietary hardened connector systems
Hand activated clips to open and close terminalSafe, quick, and easy access
Splicing and fiber management area isolated from subscriber connection areaAvoids risk of subscriber drop technicians disturbing splices or fibers

Width9.65 (in)
Depth5.12 (in)
Height14.96 (in)
Mechanical RatingIP68, NEMA 6P, Standard: IEC 61300-2-25
Splitter Compatibility1 x 16, 1 x 8
Cable CapacityUp to 16 drop cables, Up to 48 splices with adapter tray, Up to 64 splices when used as a splice closure only

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