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SlimBox® 12-Fiber Module Wall Mount (w/ Connection Protection)

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SlimBox® 12-Fiber Module Wall Mount (w/

SlimBox® 12-Fiber Module Wall Mount (w/ Connection Protection)

Features and Benefits
  • High reliability
  • Formed in plastic with high mechanical resistance providing protection for splices and terminations
  • Color-coded adapters provide easy fiber identification: LCU is LC UPC (blue) and LCA is LC APC (green), SCU is SC UPC (blue) and SCA is SC APC (green)
  • Compact package
  • RoHS compliant
  • Small size taking up minimal wall space
  • Dedicated tray for pre-connectorized splitter
  • Ideal product for pre terminated FTTX network as floor distribution box or main distribution box for small MDU application

Width5 (in)
Depth2.8 (in)
Height8.5 (in)
Fiber Capacity12 optical cords,12 splices by fusion or mechanical

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