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R-Pack™ Rollable Ribbon Plenum Backbone Cable

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  • Item #R-Pack RR Plenum Backbone Cable
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R-Pack RR Plenum Backbone Cable

R-Pack™ Rollable Ribbon Plenum Backbone Cable

Features and Benefits
  • OFS Rollable Ribbon Technology
  • Highly compact, flexible design
  • More efficient cable management in congested routing applications
  • Indoor Plenum rated for routing through ladder racking, raceways or other plenum spaces
  • High fiber density helps save on valuable space
  • OFNP Flame Rating
  • Fiber counts of 24, 48 and 72
  • Plenum materials
  • Optimized for fast, cost-effective mass fusion splicing
  • Meets Telcordia GR-409 standards for horizontal backbone applications and NFPA 202 requirements
  • Rollable ribbons help enable smaller cable outer diameter (OD) and reduced weight versus traditional ribbon cable designs
  • Cable flexibility simplifies handling and installation

Operating Temperature-20 to 70 (ºC)
Cable Weight32.8, 38.2, 43.7 (kg/km)
Cable Weight22.0, 25.6, 29.3 (lb/kft)
Storage Temperature Range-40 to 70 (ºC)
Performance StandardThe R-Pack Rollable Ribbon Backbone Cable meets all or portions of Telcordia GR-409Horizontal Backbone/ICEA-S-83-596/ICEA-S-104-696/ICEA-S-115-730 and TIA-568.These plenum-rated cables are UL® listed as compliant with NEC® Article 770 as Type OFNP.
Fiber Count24, 48, 72
Cable Outer Diameter0.21, 0.23, 0.24 (in)
Cable Outer Diameter5.4, 5.8, 6.2 (mm)
Installation Temperature-20 to 60 (ºC)
Installation Temperature-4 to 140 (ºF)
Cable TypeRollable Ribbon
Indoor or I/OIndoor
Mechanical RatingGR409
Flame Spread RatingPlenum Rated
Fiber CoatingRollable Ribbon
Maximum Tensile Rating660 (N)

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