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ORBITAL™ Fiber Distribution Cabinet

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ORBITAL™ Fiber Distribution Cabinet

ORBITAL™ Fiber Distribution Cabinet

Innovative Fiber Distribution Cabinets Specifically Designed for FTTX Splitter Applications

In  existing  neighborhoods  or  “over-build”  situations  where  subscription rates   are   uncertain   and   random, centralizing  optical  splitters  within  a Fiber-to-the-X  (FTTX)  network  can enable  operators  to  defer  electronic and  passive  component  costs.  Traditional  “block  matrix”  splitter  patching  systems  require  complex  routing of  many  long  jumpers  in  a  confined space  through confusing routes, often  resulting  in  a  tangled  mess  as customers  are  randomly  connected. OFS’  breakthrough  innovations,   the ORBITAL Fiber Distribution Cabinets (FDC), make traditional splitter management  designs  obsolete,   enabling easier   subscriber   provisioning   and increased  reliability  in  high  performance   FTTX   networks.   The   new ORBITAL FDCs solve the usual routing problems with a new and innovative fiber management system that combines a revolutionary radial fiber routing with our components’ superior optical performance. The ORBITAL Cabinets represent the next generation in FTTX Splitter Management Systems.

Product Description

Designed to serve 160, 288 or 576 homes (depending on the version), the ORBITAL FDCs feature OFS’ unique splitter module incorporating full spectrum, low loss PLC splitters, while being fi tted with low loss, high performance LC and MPO Connectors. OFS’ MPO Fannout Jumpers are easily connected from the splitter modules to the OFS’ MPO Fannout Jumpers are easily connected from the splitter modules to the subscriber  ports,   and  use  OFS’  bend-optimized  AllWave
subscriber  ports,   and  use  OFS’  bend-optimized  AllWave® FLEX Zero  Water  Peak (ZWP)  Fiber  to  minimize  bending  loss.  In  a  dramatically improved fiber distribution design, the ORBITAL FDCs route all subscriber fi bers from the splitter modules  to  a  central  cabinet,   then  to  subscriber  ports arranged in a circular array surrounding the cabinet.
Fiber Distribution Point, FTTx
Features and Benefits
  • Radial distribution provides short fiber runs and Easy and intuitive fiber slack management
  • MPO 1 x 32 Splitters create high-density, low-loss splitter solution
  • Compact and robust FDC Cabinet
  • Easier and faster parking of unused splitter connections
  • More environmentally-friendly cabinet size
  • Excellent optical performance
  • Available with more options
  • Easier splitter upgrade
  • Unique integrated cross/inter-connect system

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