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Attenuation≤ 0.90 (dB/km)
Typical ApplicationsNon-linear Loop Mirror, Optical Regeneration, Optical Sampling, Parametric Amplification, Photosensitive Fiber for Writing of UV-gratings, Pulse Compression, Supercontinuum Generation, Wavelength Conversion
Cutoff Wavelength< 1500 (nm)
Fiber Length50 to 500 (m)
Fiber Length Tolerance± 3
Effective Areatypical, 12.5 (µm2)
Dispersion Slopetypical, 0.025 (ps/(nm²·km))
Dispersion-1.5 to ± 2.0 (ps/(nm·km))
Splice Loss to SSMF Pigtail≤ 0.50 (dB)
Splice Loss to SSMF Pigtail (Typical)0.3 (dB)
Polarization Extinction Ratio (min)> 18 (dB)
PM or non-PMPM
Typical Attenuation0.8
Non-Linear Coefficient (Typical)10.7 (W-1•km-1)
Item DescriptionHNLF-PM Highly Non-Linear Fiber Modules
Pigtail Option (P)1-PM FC/APC connectors, 2-PM FC/PC connectors
Mechanical Option (M)1-29x175 mm spool with silicone glue, 2-29x175 mm spool without silicone glue
Dispersion Code (DD) / Dispersion Code (DD) at 1550 nm (ps/(nm*km)80414p1 / p1: 1.0 ± 1.0, 80414p2 / p2: 2.0 ± 1.0, 80414p3 / p3: 3.0 ± 1.0, 80414p4 / p4: 4.0 ± 1.0, 80414p5 / p4: 5.0 ± 1.0, 80414z0 / z0: 0.0 ± 1.0
HNLF ModuleShort (1-2 meter) PM fiber pigtails with connectors are spliced to the HNLF. The fiber with pigtails is delivered on a 29 x 175 mm spool covered with a protective layer of silicone glue.

Order code: HNLF-PM-LLLL-P-M-DD
Length Code (L)Length in step of 50 meters (0050, 0100, 0150, ..., 2000)
HNLF Fiber Type The HNLF fiber can also be delivered without pigtails on a 105 x 265 mm spool without any silicone. However, please note that splice loss of about 1 dB from HNLF to SSMF must be expected when using standard fusion splicers.

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