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G.655.C, SM, NZDF, LWP

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  • Item #TeraWave® ULA Ocean Fiber
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TeraWave® ULA Ocean Fiber

G.655.C, SM, NZDF, LWP


Clad Diameter125 ± 0.7 (µm)
Single-Mode or MultimodeSingle-Mode
Performance CharacteristicG.654.D
Bend PerformanceLow Loss, Ultra Large Effective Area
Mode Field Diameter at 155013.8 (µm)
Effective Group Index of Refraction1.466 at 1550 nm
Dynamic Fatigue Parameter (Nd)≥ 20
Matching SetsYes
Point Discontinuties at 1550 nm< 0.10 (dB)
Nominal Relative Dispersion Slope at 1550 nm0.0031/ (nm)
Attenuation @ 1550 nm (nominal)0.176 (dB/km)
Dispersion @1550 nm (nominal)21 (ps/(nm·km))
Effective Area (nominal)153 (µm2)
PMD @ 1550 nm (nominal)0.02 (ps/√km)
Core/Clad Concentricity Error (max)0.5 (µm)
Clad Non-circularity (max)1 (%)
Coating Diameter, uncolored255 (µm)
Coating/Clad Concentricity Error (max)12 (µm)
Tensile Proof Test (min)200 (kpsi)
Coating Strip Force (Mechanical)102 to 918 g
Colors18 colors available (including olive, lime, magenta, dark green, clear, and tan)
Cable Cutoff Wavelength (max)1530 (nm)

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