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AccuTube® 200/250 µm Rollable Ribbon Indoor/Outdoor Building Cable

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    AccuTube RR Building Cable

    AccuTube® 200/250 µm Rollable Ribbon Indoor/Outdoor Building Cable


    Cable Weight634 (kg/km)
    Cable Weight425 (lb/kft)
    Storage Temperature-40 to 70 (ºC)
    Storage Temperature-40 to 158 (ºF)
    ConstructionLoose Tube
    Performance Standard

    The AccuTube RR Indoor/Outdoor Building Cable meets all or portions
    of Telcordia GR-20 CORE Issue 4 and ANSI/ICEA S-87-640. Dual-rated
    cables are UL listed as compliant with NEC Article 770 as Type OFNR.

    Fiber Count1728
    Cable Outer Diameter1 (in)
    Cable Outer Diameter25.4 (mm)
    Maximum Long Term Load1412 (N)
    Maximum Long Term Load333 (lb)
    Installation Temperature-20 to 60 (ºC)
    Installation Temperature-4 to 140 (ºF)
    Operation Temperature-40 to 70 (ºC)
    Operation Temperature-40 to 158 (ºF)
    Cable TypeRollable Ribbon
    Aerial or UndergroundUnderground (Duct)
    Maximum Tensile Rating2670 (N)
    Maximum Tensile Rating600 (lb)
    Core Tube0.28 (Inch)
    Core Tube7.2 (mm)
    CPR RatingB2ca-s1a, d0, a1
    DoP LookupATIO-1728-A-D
    Static Condition/Unloaded10 x OD (in)
    Dynamic Condition/Loaded40 x OD (in)
    Storage Coils40 x OD (in)
    Compressive Strength220 (N/cm max)

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