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272-22 HCXtreme® Optical Fiber

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272-22 HCXtreme® Optical Fiber

Numerical Aperture0.22
Attenuation@ 850 nm, ≤ 10 (dB/km)
Water ContentLow OH
Core Diameter272 ± 6 (µm)
Buffer MaterialETFE
Operating Temperature-65 to +125 (ºC)
Short-Term Bend Radius≥ 22 (mm)
Long-Term Bend Radius≥ 36 (mm)
Proof Test Level≥ 100 (kpsi)
Proof Test Level0.689 (GPa)
Product Description Code272-22 HCXtreme
Typical ApplicationsCascaded Laser Power Delivery, High-Power Laser Delivery, Industrial Cabling, Laser Surgery, Laser Welding and Cutting, Near-IR (up to 2100 nm) Laser Power Delivery
OptionsAdditional Coatings, Cabling, Carbon Coating, Clad Diameter, Connectorization, Core Diameter, Low Bioburden Packaging and Manufacturing, Metalization, Numerical Aperture, Other Buffer Colors, Proof Test
TypeMultimode Step-Index
Cladding Diameter299 ± 6 (µm)
Coating Diameter330 ± 7 (µm)
Buffer Diameter400 ± 30 (µm)
Coating MaterialHCS®
Clad/Coating Offset≤ 9 (µm)
Standard Buffer ColorBlue

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